Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What is For You is For You

                So often I find myself in situations where people question why my path is not cut and dry.  They wonder why I have more than one iron in the fire.  They ask why not pursue this or that and the answer is simple.  I’m me.  I’m not them or anyone else.  The path I’m on is designed for me not anyone else.  Others don’t understand because it is not for them to understand.  I can’t live my life for the understanding of others.  I have to live my life for the approval of the King and that’s it.  He knows my name.  He understands me, my needs, my wants, my plans.  However he sees fit to get me there it’s my job to make myself available.  I can’t chase other people and what they want to do and neither should you.  Find what works for you and do that. 
                Don’t make major life decisions on a basis that worked for someone else.  Do what He calls you to do.  When you try to answer someone else’s calling the phone will hang up.  It’s not yours to answer, so check your ringer and wait for your own phone to ring.  Better yet you make a call!  Opportunity can often fall into one’s lap, but the thing is the person has to be ready to accept it.  If you’re so busy chasing someone else’s dreams your blessing will sail right past you.  Be aware.  Don’t let life pass you by because the route changed.  So what if you have detours, so what if you need do overs.  The point is you have a chance.  Take it.  Be yourself.  Be original.  Be great. 
                Many people run around screaming empowerment and don’t even realize they have given their power way.  Mentors are supposed to guide you so that you can better avoid the pitfalls.  They show you the best ways that worked in their situations, but you still have to tailor any advice to your unique path.  You can’t just say I want what they have because that leads to destruction based on a false sense of reality.  Some of the most revered people are broken inside and some of the most unrecognized could not be happier. 

                If nothing else use Jesus as an example.  He was sinless and came to save a people who called him a liar and a blasphemer.  Did He run?  No.  He laid His life down.  He was not concerned with what those who did not believe called Him.  He had a job to do.  He did not let anything or anyone stop Him from completing the job that only He could do.  Only you know what that is for you.  Don’t be afraid to gracefully tell people no thank you when an opportunity is not for you.  What God has for you is for you.  He will tell you when something is not.  Usually you have to think about it too hard when it’s not.  When something is for you the excitement can barely be contained.  4/25/2014

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