Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

11 Reasons People Don't Hire Professional Organizers When They Should

1)    Embarrassment People don’t hire professional organizers because they are embarrassed.  They don’t want someone to know how they really live.  Even a person who can fix the situation is often unwelcome.  It’s like the person who cleans the house beforehand when they hire a cleaning service.  They don’t want to share the true extent of their problem. It’s just too hard to admit that they are too busy to tackle it themselves, or they just don’t know where to start.

2)         Shame People feel ashamed.  They think: How did I let it get this bad?  It was just my shoes.  It was just a few papers.  Now there is stuff everywhere and I don’t even know where it came from.  What are my issues that I let this get so out of control?

3)         Helplessness People don’t like to feel helpless.  Serious hoarders who don’t want to be separated from their things don’t want to watch someone take away their belongings.  They think that organizers are going to sweep in with a big trash can and dump all of their things into it.  Well only when necessary.

4)         Fear People think that professional organizers make you throw everything away.  Professional organizers do not want to separate people from their things.  Believe it or not professional organizers help you keep your stuff; if you have space and a purpose for it.  A good rule of thumb to remember is if no one will keep it when you’re gone maybe you shouldn’t have it now. 

5)          Cost Oh my goodness!  People who really need an organizer should not worry about the cost.  That should be the furthest thing from their minds.  They need help.  What is the cost of peace of mind?  What is the cost of freedom to live your life comfortably?  Most professional organizers offer pro bono work for those who really need the help.

6)         Lack of awareness People have no clue that chronic disorganization is a serious problem.  Many people don’t realize it because they don’t know it has a name.  When you get an area straightened and then immediately you work it back into chaos you are a chronic disorganizer.  When a person sheds tons of clutter only to rebuy more unnecessary items they are a compulsive shopper.  Compulsive shoppers with a lack of space are at serious risk of hoarding.

7)         Self- Perception People allow their own perceptions about their self-worth, what they value, and what they fear to stop them from asking for help.  Who cares how long you’ve had the problem?  What matters is that you want to fix it now.  Get out of your own way.  Professional organizers don’t see obstacles in your clutter they see opportunities.

8)         The Unknown People don’t enjoy the unknown.  Even if what they know is clutter.  They would rather have chaos than order because it is what they know.

9)         Doubt People doubt that they can stay the course.  What if I pile things up again?  Will the organizer be mad at me for needing their services again?  No.  An organizer’s job is to help train you to live a better life.  The amount of time it takes is irrelevant.  If baby steps get you to a better life so be it.  Don’t let insecurity keep you in a life of chaos and disorder.

10)       Disbelief Professional organizers deal in production not perfection.  Being organized is about each item having a specific place and the correct amount of space to function.  It does not mean that things are always in their place.   It means that when it is time for things to be put away they have a place to be.

11)       Can Do Attitude Often people just don’t think they can.  With help or without help maintaining an organized life is work.  People have families, careers, friends, and communities to manage.  Managing all of this takes a great deal of effort.  An organizer can help to jump start the process.  Many times all it takes is a little push in the right direction for chaos and clutter to become creativity and a can do attitude.

Professional organizers exist to help make people’s lives easier.  They help clear clutter, they pack for large moves, they reset closets and pantries, they do it all and without judgment.  Contact one today if you have papers, clothes, pictures, or any other life issues that you need put in order.

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