Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Live and Make Progress

Heart disease, cancer, and stroke are among the top reasons why women die prematurely in this country. I should know; I have lost all of my grandmothers to these diseases along with countless other relatives. This topic seems taboo at the dinner table or maybe even among friends. I didn't realize how much so until it hit me smack dab in the face. I have my own personal struggles with one of these illnesses. I am fearful that the top dog of the three may take down my mother. For those who are paying attention healthy living is not only vital physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually also. I never realized until in recent years how certain things have affected my life. Right now I look into a future wondering what my life will be like without one grandmother. I have proof of what my childhood was like without the other. I don't want my children to feel the pain I feel knowing that maybe a conversation that they initiated could have helped to spare some one's life. One conversation can spare many lives, because life is about interaction not isolation. What affects my family affects me and vice verse whether I want to believe it or not. I have spent so much of my life being some fantasy super woman. The one with the perfect grades, the perfect manners, perfect look, even perfect looking future. Well at the end of the day that has only caused me to question every step that I have ever taken in life. At the end of the day what type of impact have I made on the world or what impact can I make? I don't want to feel lonely in a room full of people, yet too uncomfortable to make my presence felt. I want my life to mean something. If I can make God proud of me that's my goal. If I can strengthen his kingdom then I'm making progress.

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  1. Tyrone A. Acker25/1/11 8:59 PM

    Great post. Awareness on topics such as these are missing in today's conversations. Families must continue to discuss these things to increase knowledge and decrease illness.