Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Loving Your Life and Living Your Style!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Always Remember To Move

Recently one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta said "every saint has a past and every sinner has a future". This quote rocked me to my core because often we tend to forget this concept. We spend so much time remembering the sins that kept us from God that we can't do the work he calls us to right now. What good is a Christian who only embraces other Christians? We can't build a mighty kingdom without the best bricks. Some times the hardest bricks are those that went through a more strenuous process. A person who has experienced the life choices that he or she warns against or encourages others to lead is more effective. Most people try new food once a friend has told them how good it is. By the same token if a friend says a certain food tastes nasty we are hesitant to try it. Life is not a time to be hesitant. We must use all the strength that we have to build God's kingdom now. We don't want our lack of movement to be our ticket to remaining outside of the gate. When you're hungry that's the time to feed someone. When you're lonely that's the time you spend with someone else who is lonely. When you're low on funds that's when you sow a financial seed into someone else. When you feel like giving up that's when you press on. When your dream is deferred that's when you help someone else realize a dream. God is capable of more than we could ever ask or think. Many times our opportunity is around the next corner, but we're too tired or lazy to walk. We want everything placed square in front of us and we don't want to do the heavy lifting. Faith without works is dead. The sad thing is that we don't even realize when we short change ourselves. We're waiting for God and He's there like "your turn". We think that life should be without strain, pain, or obstacles. The truth is without pain most people would die. Pain is the signal that your brain gives your body to alert you that something is wrong. Without it you would have no idea what you or a medical professional could do to save your life. Obstacles make you stronger. You don't know how strong or weak you are until you are faced with a challenge. Some challenges are to build your character, test your faith, and make you a better Christian. How is God supposed to use you if you're always scared? You can't run from life. Fear is a lie told by the enemy to destroy your self-confidence and your relationship with God. It's up to you whether to call the enemy out or not. It's up to you to walk right past him to the promises God has in store for you.

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